• Webex by Cisco is a web based video conference system that integrates with WMU-Cooley's distance education classrooms within Canvas.

  • Webex is used regularly for many classes in most courses at WMU Cooley Law School.


Find the WebEx link in Canvas

All class sessions with an online component will start in Canvas - click Cisco Webex in the left Course Menu. Click JOIN on the correct date.

Where will class recordings be located?

It depends on your professor's location:

      • If your professor is teaching in a classroom the recordings will be under Panopto Recordings in the Course Menu in Canvas.

      • If your professor uses Cisco Webex onsite or off-site the recordings will be under Cisco Webex, click the Recordings tab.

Using your Personal Webex account:

As always, contact the Student Tech Helpdesk if you need help!

Open a Mojo Helpdesk Ticket Email: studenttechhelp@cooley.edu Phone: (517) 371-5140 x3300

1. Confirm your System Compatibility

Use the following link to connect to a Webex Test session: www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

Follow the prompts to install the Extension needed in Chrome.

Depending on your connection it may take a few minutes to complete this test and successfully connect.

Once connected you should get a screen that says either: “The Host has not yet joined” OR “Congratulations! Your system is now set up properly”.

You may then exit the test session.

Internet Bandwidth Requirements: Link to Webex Support Site

2. If you have issue with #1 above, use these instructions

If you have never joined a Webex session before, you will need to install the extension in Google Chrome.

The Webex add-on/extension must be installed before you can attend your class.

Once you download the Google Chrome extension, it will not need to be downloaded again for future sessions as long as you are using the same computer.

Google Chrome is required.

Webex Technical Support

If you experience any problems installing the required plug-in, or while using Webex, please call Webex technical support.

Within the United States and Canada call: 866-569-3239