Find it in Google Apps - Navigating Cooley Connect

What is Cooley Connect? -

Cooley Connect is your one-stop-shop connecting you with the systems, information, people and updates you’ll need to succeed at WMU Cooley Law School.

Use Cooley Connect to:

  • Access the CAMS portal, Canvas, Cooley Gmail and other everyday systems

  • Keep updated on announcements and alerts relevant to you

  • Search staff, peers, systems, groups, posts, resources and more

  • Connect with departments, services, organizations and peers

  • Stay focused on your most important to-dos

  • View personalized resources and content

  • Find and join campus events

You can access Cooley Connect from your computer at

- - we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox - -

or download the Cooley Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Find Cooley Connect in Google Apps

  1. On your main email screen click the Google Apps menu to the left of the WMU-Cooley logo.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the available apps list

  3. Click Cooley Connect

Navigating Cooley Connect - -

  1. See your notifications, write messages, see or update your profile and preferences

  2. Search bar - enter keywords

  3. Left navigation menu

  • Activity feed

  • Announcements - find important alerts

  • Discover - click on Groups - Events - People

  • Shortcuts - add your personal favorites there, find the star for every item you want to see there and click it

  • Tools include links to any external tools we have linked, e.g. Canvas, Gmail, CAMS, Symplicity, etc.

  • Groups shows all groups where you are a member

  • Pages - informational content sorted by categories

  1. Right navigation - access to events you joined and Widgets to Canvas, Cooley Gmail and Google Drive, OneDrive

  2. Main activity feed - see any updates from any of your groups, connections, messages, etc.

Notices will include important alerts - e.g. weather related

Messages lets you contact anybody at WMU Cooley

More help is available through the Help Center

Issues?

If you are logged in to your browser with a different Gmail account, you must either log out, or add your Cooley account as a second account.

Cooley Connect is powered by a popular student portal and mobile app platform called Pathify.

If you’re looking for help on how to use Cooley Connect, you can visit the Pathify Help Center.