WiFi Access

All WMU Cooley campus locations have wireless Internet (WiFi) service throughout the facility.

  • Select the WMUCooley network

  • Use your username@cooley.edu email address and password for logging in to the Cooley wireless network on your campus.


EDUROAM allows you to connect to the wifi networks at many different colleges and universities across the Globe. At Cooley EDUROAM is geared towards guest access, and it will not allow access to internal resources. You may not be able to submit your exams, for example, while connected to EDUROAM on a WMU-Cooley campus.

  • To login to WiFi using EDUROAM, select the EDUROAM wireless network from your list of available networks wherever it is available, and

  • use your complete Cooley email address where it asks for the username: username@cooley.edu and your Cooley password.

Configure your laptop, phone or tablet for WMUCooley wifi.

For detailed instructions to set up your device, select from the documents below: