Webex Best Practices

Many factors influence your online experience.

Here are several tips that you can use to improve it:

1. Restart your computer before every online class.

  • It frees up resources, and makes sure that your camera and microphone are not in use by the previous session or any other program.

2. Minimize other streaming activity at the same time that is using your Internet connection.

  • Maximize the bandwidth available for your classroom to avoid connection issues.

3. Use Google Chrome to connect. [A backup option would be Firefox.]

4. Are you logged in to Chrome with your private Gmail account?

  • If so, create a second login for your Cooley account. Or use an incognito window to connect. Your Cooley Google login will be used for authentication.

5. Start your class sessions within the course. Click the Cisco Webex link in the left menu.

  • Clicking any links that may show up in the Canvas calendar or in emails will not connect you reliably enough.

6. Where will class recordings be located?

  • If your professor teaches in a classroom on campus, the recordings will most likely be under Panopto Recordings.

  • If your professor uses Cisco Webex, on campus or off-campus, the recordings will be under Cisco Webex, click the Recordings tab.

7. Be prepared for change!

  • Watch for frequent communications from your professors and from Cooley in general, including from the StudentTechHelp address.

8. Test your Setup!

  • Become familiar with your options!

  • Ask questions!

  • Be proactive!

  • Feel free to send any questions to the email address below. If we don't know the answer, we will find out who does.