Frequently Asked Questions

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A: The LLM online program uses Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) for online classrooms. The requirements for using BbC are found here. When you signed up for your LL.M course, you went through a process of certifying that your computer met the requirements for BbC use. Should you change computer equipment at any point during the term, you should repeat the online certification process at the top of this page.

Q: I’m having issues with audio and/or video performance when participating in an LL.M. online course. What should I do?

A: You should run the audio setup wizard before joining each class. This optimizes your audio equipment configuration for participating on-line.

Please be aware that any applications / services that run on your computer can impact your performance when using Blackboard Collaborate. iTunes, Facebook, Spotify, and Pandora are each examples of applications that can dramatically impact your Internet performance, even if they are running in the background. It is strongly suggested that you stop any running programs when participating in an online course.

Internet bandwidth can also impact your on-line class in that audio and video streams are sensitive to communication delays. If you are aren’t aware of your Internet connection speed, you may want to run an Internet connection speed test, such as the one available here.

The activities of others who are sharing your Internet bandwidth can impact your performance when using Blackboard Collaborate. Is your roommate / child / partner streaming movies or listening to Pandora? Be aware of any additional activity on your network, and reduce other uses when possible.

Q: I’d like to confirm that my computer meets the requirements, and I’d like to practice as well.

A: Here is a link to the Collaborate Ultra - Faculty Test Room.

Q: I’m still having problems. What do I do?

A: More support information goes here...