Blue Jeans

BlueJeans is a web based video conference system that integrates with WMU-Cooley's distance education classrooms. 
BlueJeans courses are approved by the Campus Dean(s) prior to the start of each term.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Participant Overview


Q: As an instructor, do I need to do anything different if I have a student attending my class (remotely) via BlueJeans?
A: BlueJeans participants will automatically be added to the video conference call that connects you to other WMU-Cooley campus locations.  You don't need to do anything to connect remote participant.  BlueJeans participants will be displayed on the large projection screen within the distance education classrooms alongside other campus participants.

Q: How do my students access BlueJeans?
A: Students enrolled in Distance Education electives through BlueJeans are setup in a special (00) section of your course. A BlueJeans access link will be available to them with the Blackboard course page for your class.  Students enrolled in BlueJeans sections will also receive an email message with more information prior to the start of the term.